What is HIIT Treadmill Workout and How to Conduct It At Home

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) treadmill workout is an excellent way to burn your extra calories and increase your overall endurance and fitness levels. HIIT burns up to 9X more calories than the conventional running machine exercises. On top of that, your metabolism level too stays high even after 24 hours of the exercise. In case you’re just getting started with HIIT treadmill sessions, here are some popular types of workouts that’ll challenge your body and boost your fitness levels right away.

Types of HIIT treadmill exercises

There are three major types of HIIT treadmill exercises. They are as follows:

Sidewinder treadmill workout

Sidewinder treadmill workout is a HIIT walking-only exercise that targets your hips, improves your body balance and also improves your heart rate. Here’s what you have to do in the workout;

  • Begin your exercise with a 5 minutes warming-up session. During this session, gradually increase your treadmill speed from 2.4mph to 3.5 mph.
  • Now, do a 2 minutes side walking by setting the running machine speed to 2.2 mph. Side walk for one minute facing your right and walk the other one minute facing your left. Increase the treadmill speed to 2.4mph and continue the exercise for 2 more minutes.
  • Follow this up with a 1 minute forward walking session at 4.5mph. After one minute, reduce the speed to 3.5mph and exercise the same way for 1 more minute.
  • Repeat the side walking session at 2.8 mph for 2 minutes and follow it up with a forward walking session for 1 minute at 4.5mph.
  • Now do another side walking session for 2 minutes at 2mph and a 5% incline.
  • Gradually end the HIIT treadmill exercise by reducing the speed from 2mph to 1mph.

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The 5-4-3-2-1 HIIT treadmill workout

The 5-4-3-2-1 HIIT treadmill workout burns calories, boosts up your anaerobic capacity and also breaks the monotony of your same, conventional running machine exercises. For this exercise you will have to:

  • Begin with a 4 minutes warm up. In this warm-up, exercise on your running machine at 3.4 mph for the first 1 minute, 3.6 mph for the second 1 minute, 3.8 for the third 1 minute and 4 mph for the last 1 minute.
  • Now, do a hill-run session for 5 minutes at an incline of 2%. Begin at a speed of 4.4 mph and increase the speed every 30 seconds until you reach 5.6mph.
  • Slowly reduce the speed to 3.5mph. From here, do a 90 second treadmill exercise without the incline.
  • Follow this up with a 30 seconds sprint session at your maximum speed.
  • After this, do another 5 minutes of hill run session. Follow this up with a 4 minute treadmill workout at the speed of 3 mph. Do not set the incline during this workout.
  • Finally end the exercise with a 3 minute cool down. Reduce the speed every 60 seconds from 3.2, 2.8 to finally 2 mph.

The endurance HIIT treadmill workout

This running machine workout aims to increase your endurance level. With this exercise you can enjoy the benefits of cardio and resistance training simultaneously. For this exercise you will have to:

  • Get started with a 5-10 minutes workout where you can jog at 2.5-3 mph.
  • Increase the pace to 4mph and run for one minute at this speed.
  • Now, start jogging slowly until your heart rate falls between 120-130 beats every minute.
  • End the exercise by slowing your pace and walking at a comfortable gait of 1-1.5 mph.

How to design your own HIIT treadmill workout?

HIIT treadmill exercise is one of the best ways to evade lethargy and cut down on those extra calories. No matter what your fitness goal is, a proper HIIT treadmill exercise will always help you to achieve it.

Every HIIT treadmill workout comes with a series of training parameters like your average pace or the ratio of workouts to rest. While designing your own exercise you can adjust these parameters, and make the exercising sessions harder or easier. Usually, longer hours of intervals provide better results. While designing your HIIIT treadmill exercise, you will also have to design these four parameters;

  • Speed of the workout.
  • Duration of the workout.
  • Duration of the recovery time or rest.
  • Total number of repetitions for every interval.

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As soon as you’ve figured out the parameters, you can get started with the workouts right away.

Factors to consider before the HIIT treadmill exercises

Before opting for the HIIT treadmill workout, there are certain factors that you need to consider. They are as follows:

  • Consult your doctor and check whether you are physically fit for the intense exercises before embarking in any HIIT program.
  • Do not set a farcical goal. Assess your fitness level and set your HIIT exercise goal according to it.
  • Get started slowly and keep a steady pace during the intervals of your high intensity exercise.
  • In order to improve in the HIIT exercises, try to improve either the intensity or the duration of your exercise. However, do not do both of it simultaneously as it can have adverse effects on your health.
  • Do not make rapid changes during the workouts.
  • Make sure that your workouts last between 12-20 minutes (this does not include the time of warming up and cooling down).

So keep these valuable guidelines in mind and choose your preferred HIIT treadmill workout for better endurance, quicker weight loss and improved body fitness.

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